Now that you're registered this next part is just as important: 

Take 15 seconds to stop. We're serious, do it!

 Take a deep breath and think about the feeling of running towards a huge finish line on a beautiful May morning. You'll be running directly into the sun and there will be crowds of people cheering, music playing and likely a sore muscle or two. And you'll feel damn proud. 

We can't wait to be there to watch you shine. 

Need an extra incentive to get training? Shape® activewear has you covered. As a registered athlete for the 2018 Des Moines Women's Half Marathon, 5K + Team Relay Shape® activewear is giving you a 20% discount to cover all your training gear needs. Best of all, it will be sent straight to your door!

20% Discount Code: DSMWHM2018


Don't forget to stay in touch with us on social media and HAPPY TRAINING!