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General Information

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Q. When is the 2019 Des Moines Women’s Half Marathon, 5K and Team Relay?

A. New for this year, the Half Marathon and Team Relay will take place on May 5th; the 5K will take place May 4th.

The gun goes off for the Half Marathon and the Team Relay at 8 a.m on Sunday. The 5K will start at 5PM on Saturday.

Q. Can I participate in both the Half Marathon and the 5K since they are on different days?

A. Yes! More power to you girl! In fact for 2019, if you register for the “Half Marathon + 5K: Two Days. Two Races. Three Medals. All the Swag” race category you will receive a medal for the 5K, a medal for the half-marathon and an additional for doing both! (This is not good for those doing the 5K and Team Relay).

Q. Is there an age limit for the 5K or the Half Marathon?

A. Our 5K event does not have an age limit so long as all athletes are deemed physically capable to run by a medical professional. Our Half Marathon requires athlete to be 12 or over to compete.

Q. Can I get a refund or transfer my registration to a friend?

A. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds or transfers but if you’re unable to toe the line you can still collect your swag and free glass of wine.

Q. What is included with my race entry?

A. Your race entry includes the following:

- Connection to an incredible and healthy Girl Gang

- A special edition Shape® activewear quarter zip (half marathon/ relay. Shape Tee for 5k)

- A post-race celebration glass of Jasper Winery wine and food

- A special edition DSMWHM wine glass

- A fully supported race course with hydration, fuel and entertainment

- Official race timing

Q. Is there a charity connected to the Des Moines Women’s Half Marathon, 5K and Team Relay?

A. Yes!  We’re proud to partner with the Girls on the Run of Greater Des Moines. 

Q. What is the Team Relay? 

A. Everything is more fun as a team.  We’ve split the half-marathon into 3 sections so that you and your closest friends can conquer 13.1 miles without having to run each step yourself.  Each relay exchange zone is approximately 4.25-4.5 miles apart. Athletes register as a team and then as members 1, 2 + 3.  The relay exchange zones have music, other team members to socialize with and each team goes home with the half marathon swag and 3 medals (one for each athlete).

Q. Where do I find the Relay Team Athlete Guide?

A. The Relay Team Athlete Guide can be found here.

Q. Where do I find the Half Marathon Athlete Guide? 

A. The Half Marathon Athlete Guide can be found here.

Q. Where do I find the 5K Athlete Guide? 

A. The 5K Athlete Guide can be found here.

Q. Where do I find the Spectator Guide? 

A. The spectator guide can be found here.

Q. Am I able to switch from the half marathon to the 5K? 

A. Of course! Please make the change at packet pick-up.

Q. What if a relay member is unable to attend, can we replace them?

A. We do allow relay members to be replaced in the event that one is unable to attend. The new relay member must come to packet pick-up on Saturday, May 5th and fill out a new form. We will not charge for this change. Note: We cannot change the original shirt size for the new relay member.  

Q. Can men participate?

A. Absolutely! 

Q. What is the minimum age requirement for the half-marathon?

A. We ask that all athletes registered for the half-marathon are 12 years old by May 5, 2019.

Q. Can I walk the DSMWHM?

A. Of course! Our cut off time is 4:30 which roughly 20 minutes per mile. There are a number of women who choose to walk, so you'll be in good company! 

Q. What is the time cut-off policy for the half-marathon and team relay?

A. We have a 4 hours and 30 minute cut-off for the half-marathon and team relay.  We require all athletes to be at the 9.2 mile mark in 3 hours and 10 minutes.  If you are not at that point by 11:15AM we will divert you to the finish line and that will cut off 1.6 miles.  It's important that we keep that cut-off in place so we can re-open roads and continue to be good stewards of our community.

Q. Are there host hotels?

A. Yes! We’ve partnered with the newly renovated Renaissance Savery Des Moines to delivery a downtown boutique hotel experience at a great value. Limited rooms are available to book here.

Q. What will the temperature in Des Moines be at the beginning of May?

A. The historic average for Des Moines, Iowa at the beginning of May is a high of 70 degrees and a low of 49 degrees.  But, this is Iowa so pack layers if you are traveling.

Q. Where is parking?

A. Parking is located at 1700 Gray’s Lake Drive, Des Moines.  It is a 10 minute walk from the start/finish line and will allow you to get in/out as the event takes place.  Please note that Fleur Drive north-bound traffic will be closed at 7:30 a.m.

Q. What streets will be impacted and what times?

A. The only road closures lasting more than 30 minutes will occur on East bound MLK drive from Fleur to SE 4th and George Flagg Parkway from Park Rd to SW 30th St.  

Q. Will the race take place rain or shine?

A. Pack your ponchos!  Rain or shine the event will happen.  If there is unsafe weather we will work with the Des Moines police to monitor the situation and keep you informed.  We most definitely want to ensure each athlete gets to experience the DSMWHM but we will make sure that the safety of the athletes, volunteers, staff and city officials is the number one priority.

Q. Who is producing this event?

A. RipRoar Events is a Des Moines based event production company. We carefully choose events that are empowering and impactful on our community and strive to produce events at the absolute highest level. Other events we produce include: DAM to DSM, The Des Moines Turkey TrotGlow With The Flow Yoga and the RipRoar Youth Triathlon Series


 Q. Where do I pick up my race packet?

A. Packet Pick Up for the Half Marathon and Team Relay will take place from 9am-3:30pm Saturday, May 4th and 6am-7am Sunday, May 5th. Packet Pick Up for the 5K will take place Saturay, May 4th from 9am-4:30pm.

Q. What do I bring with me to packet pick-up?

A. Bring your ID and your smiling face.  If you are picking up packets for people other than yourselves you’ll also need to bring the proxy form found here.

Q. Can I pick up packets for others?

A. Yes!  Just bring a copy of their ID and a signed proxy form from each person. Proxy Forms can be found here

Q. Can I pick up packets for my friends on our relay team?

A. Yes!  Just bring a copy of their ID and a signed proxy form from each person. Proxy Forms can be found here.


 Q. What type of support will be on the race course?

A. You will be running on either clearly marked closed roads or trails for the entirety of each distance.  The fuel stations will include fruit and other snacks. 

Aid stations are marked on the official course map.

Q. Do you have a recommendation for where spectators should go?

A. Of course! Find out all you need to know to be a great spectator in our Spectator Guide. Spectator Guides will be available closer to the race.

We encourage packing a lawn chair, blanket, ID, cash (if you have others with you that might be hungry and aren’t registered or you want an additional alcoholic drink), phone—because you will definitely want to Snapchat your friends that foolishly chose to stay home, and layers—it’s Iowa.

If you have additional questions you can ask at